Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TttM 017: The Alcohol Episode

Whaoooooooooo... BEEEEEEEER!!! Second appearance of Graham Becksted

Direct link to mp3: http://uberfriendship.com/tttm/tttm_017.mp3


  1. I never left a comment on your blog or Youtube, i suppose making me a lurker!
    but i listen to your show all the time at work your voice is soothing and you amuse me greatly! thanks =]

  2. Hard Cider is where it's at. My first drink was a Apple Woodchuck Cider.

  3. -So many burps!xD
    -Guinness IS delicious!
    -You did a great Stewie impersonation(is that what it's called?!)back there!
    -Overall a great TttM!9 Niki points out of 10!:D

  4. Well, I finished listening to all of these and even thought I already knew you from your Youtube channel it was a nice surprise overall.

    I think you (and your guests) made great points in a variety of topics, things that I already thought about and others that I didn't (but that made sense to me and gave me some "Ah!" moments). And I have to add that you had a nice, infectious laughter (is that the right expression? I'm portuguese.) that we don't get the chance to hear often at Youtube.

    Also, I loved the end of this one and I hope you keep making these.