Sunday, June 20, 2010

TttM 011: Making the game

"Your MOM uses the UNREAL engine." Find out what that mean's and how to become a video game programer. First time appearance of Matt Ladouceur.

Direct link to mp3:


  1. I'm one of those artists that got picked up by a programmer :) If your really interested in getting into the industry it's good to have a basic knowledge of all the elements in game design. When you go for a degree in the field you usually end up taking courses that touch on everything like programming, art, audio, even managing a team. The better understanding you have of what the other members of the team are doing the easier it will be to communicate with each other. You know what stuff they need, when and why. So don't stick with just what your good at. Find out what everyone else is working on too.

    BTW love the show. I listen to it while I work :)

  2. make more! I need podcasts to listen to while doing shtuff!